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Two reasons why I decided to pick “The Queen’s Gambit” as my new favorite TV Series are chess and Anya Taylor-Joy.

In short, the story portrays an orphan and a prodigious introvert Elizabeth Harmon, who masters the game of chess in the 1960s USA. With her ability, she, on the other hand, troubles herself with an addiction to tranquility and alcohol.

I am not going to write a long review for the show — you just can easily google it and find tons of reviews out there. Instead, I want to tell you my story of why I can relate to chess.

Beth finally won over her toughest opponent, Borgov — sourced from here

I highly rate “The Queen’s Gambit” show that was directed by Scott Frank. Credit was not only to him but also to all the people behind. The story, the plot, the actress, the cinematography, and the costume are awesome.

Particular credit is addressed to Anya Taylor-Joy. She portrayed Elizabeth Harmon, the main character of the show, excellently. She steals the show with her stunning performance. It’s so sexy anytime she moves the pawns.

Well, let me tell you one thing about chess!

Chess was one game I played when I was a kid. I know chess for the first time when I was probably 9 y.o. I managed to know chess for the first time after seeing one board game that the adults regularly played in my place.

I noticed playing chess was different from playing the other most common games ever played, like cards, dominoes, and carom billiards. Chess looked like a more serious game to me. I was wondering why it took minutes to just move 1 pawn?

My curiosity led me asking my dad how to play the game. I really wanted to play.

My dad was not a pro chess player — he was even far from good. But, he knew the chess basic principle: what move can a pawn, a bishop, a rook, and the others make. He also taught me a basic strategy on how to attack and defend.

He told me that playing chess can be therapy. You might kill the time. Unlike cards, it’s a game to be played strategically. It’s a smart game run with a brain.

“You better not to play aggressively and keep your desire to quickly finish the game. Just enjoy it a little bit.” — A well-spoken words from my dad.

Photo by Vlad Sargu on Unsplash

Once I knew the game, I made it a favorite board game with my childhood friend. We played quite often almost every day. Our favorite time was late afternoon in front of my house while waiting for the sunset. We beat each other.

Some other times I played with some men older than me. Different opponents, different challenges. I also managed to join a chess tournament. Albeit, I couldn't even win a single competition.

Not only playing, I like to watch the two great pros, especially the two old men in action. The show gave me a different vibe to look at how vigilant they are every time they move the pawns. Before suddenly one of them shouts “Checkmate!”

Chess will always be my favorite. The Queen’s Gambit show has successfully rewind me to my childhood memories. Me with a friend staring chessboard in the late afternoon waiting for a pawn move. It never gets old.

This story is a part of “30 Days of Writing Challenge”. It’s Day 12 — Favorite TV Series.




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